Theme for 2022

Devoted to Christ

Robert Murray M’Cheyne once famously said, “For every look at yourself, take ten looks at Christ.” In a world that is clamoring for our attention, this year’s conference theme sought to encourage us to fix our eyes on Jesus as we run the Christian race (Heb 12:2). We declare with John the Baptist that “He must increase, but [we] must decrease” (Jn 3:30). We affirm that being devoted to Christ means loving Him as the chief object of our affections (Jn 21:15; 1 Pet 1:8) and living for Him as the sole purpose of our life (Phil 1:21). We want to make sure that we are devoted to the true Christ of the Scriptures, and not just to a “Christ” of our own imagination and making (Isa 53:1-3; Mt 11:2-6). We want to challenge a new generation of Christians that being devoted to Christ means being willing to suffer with/for Him (1 Pet 2:21-25). And we want to remind ourselves that we are devoted to Christ only because He was first devoted to us (1 Jn 4:19)!

Speakers for 2022

Rick Holland

Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Rick spent 25 years at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA, where he pastored the college and singles ministry and served as the Executive Pastor under Dr. John MacArthur.  He is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary (MDiv) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (DMin) and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (ThM, PhD), the author of Uneclipsing the Son, and the founder of the Resolved Conference.  In August of 2011, Rick became the senior pastor of Mission Road Bible Church in Prairie Village, KS, where he currently serves.  Rick is also on the faculty of The Expositor’s Seminary, teaching Homiletics and Expository Preaching.  He and his wife, Kim, have three sons.

Carey Hardy

Carey Hardy

Born in Cairo, IL, and raised in Texas, with a background in Christian music, Carey left a career as a pharmacist to pursue pastoral ministry.  Carey graduated from The Masters Seminary (MDiv) and was on staff at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA for 13 years, eventually serving as the Senior Executive Pastor and Personal Assistant to Dr. John MacArthur.  In October of 2006, Carey became the senior pastor of Twin City Bible Church in Winston Salem, NC.  He is on the faculty of The Expositors Seminary teaching Biblical Counselling and is also on the board of The Italian Theological Academy.  He and his wife, Pam, are blessed with four adult children and two grandchildren.

Resource for 2022

Uneclipsing the Son by Rick Holland

Christianity is the worship of Jesus Christ. If He is who the Bible says He is, and if He did what the Bible says He did, He is worthy of the exclusive attention and focus of our lives. Sadly, though, the Son gets crowded out by earthly things. Our hearts grow slack, our love runs cool, our worship is distracted. Even the treadmill of Christian activity can keep us ever unable to focus on the Author and Finisher of the race. We sip at puddles of sin a stone’s throw from the Well of the water of life. Uneclipsing the Son aims at ending all this, bringing you face to face with the Christ of Scripture, the only one who can transform you just by knowing Him. Clear, biblical, compelling, Holland will drive you relentlessly to the conclusion that you must give yourself to the worship of this Jesus or forever stumble in the half-light of spiritual uncertainty and disaffection.

(Published by Kress Biblical Resources)

Recommended Resource

Knowing Christ by Mark Jones

If we are to be devoted to Christ, we must first be committed to knowing Christ (Phil 3:8). This book by Mark Jones is a unique study of Christ, His person and His work, that will surely result in a deepened devotion to Him. J.I. Packer, author of the classic book Knowing God, writes in the forward:

“The Puritans loved the Bible, and dug into it in depth. Also, they loved the Lord Jesus, who is of course the Bible’s focal figure; they circled round him, centred on him, studied minutely all that Scripture had to say about him, and constantly, conscientiously, exalted him in their preaching, praises, and prayers. Mark Jones, an established expert on many aspects of Puritan thought, also loves the Bible and its Christ, and the Puritans as expositors of both; and out of this triune love he has written a memorable unpacking of the truth about the Saviour according to the classic Reformed tradition, and the Puritans supremely. Knowing Christ is a book calculated to enrich our twenty-first-century souls, and one that it is an honour to introduce.”

(Published by Banner of Truth)